Six Rivers

Six Rivers Pony Club Attire for Mounted Meetings

  1. Medical arm band (you will be provided with one and the form to fill in emergency and medical information). Safety pins may be used to keep it from slipping. Alternatively, a medical bracelet (ie Team Ride Safe) may be worn and must display 1. Name and birthdate 2. Emergency contact info. 3. Known allergies 4. Current medications 5. Existing medical conditions 6. Internet link to medical insurance information. 
  2. Properly fitted and nationally or internationally certified (ASTM, PAS, AS/NZ) equestrian helmet. Helmets should be less than 5-6 years old for maximum function & protection. 
  3. Sort or tall riding boots: must cover the ankle and have a boot heel (no heavy treads). Chaps or half chaps may be worn with short boots for inner shin/ calf protection. 
  4. Long pants: breeches, jodhpurs, or tight-fitting (and comfortable) pants. Belts recommended for new members, required for rated members. Riding pants required for rated members. 
  5. Collared shirt with short or long sleeves (turtleneck OK), tucked in.
  6. Safe, neat, and clean attire. Long hair secured our of eyes.
  7. United States Pony Club Pin (You will get one with your new member packet from national once you've joined). Replacmeenst can be purchased online through the national website.
  8. No jewelry that dangles except medical alerts.
  9. Gloves recommended but not required. 
  10. No chewing gum.
  11. Safety vest recommended, required for jumping solid obstacles.

Please ask about our "Rider's Closet". We have a collection of outgrown riding clothes available for a purchase at bargain prices.

The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship: Basics for Beginners/ D Level is the must have reference for Pony Club members. It is available on the website or