Six Rivers

Six Rivers Member Materials

Printed Materials

Member materials may be printed from the national Pony Club website. Be sure to log in to gain full access of what Pony Club has to offer. Members may view study materials, rulebooks, and more while logged in. Otherwise, topic-specific materials are distributed by our instructor for unmounted lessons. Be sure to bring a binder to unmounted lessons to collect these. 

Rally Equipment

Be sure to review the list of rally tack and equipment required for the event you are participating in. 

Team Equipment- Six Rivers Pony Club has team equipment for members to use during rallies. Each team member gets a grooming kit for use during a rally. Does your horse or pony have special needs when it comes to brushes? Of course you can bring your brushes or tools along too, but make sure they are labeled.

Spare Tack- Are you riding the odd-sized mount in the bunch? You may need to bring your own spare tack. But, ask around before buying anything! Members may be able to rustle up some tack for your back-up equipment. 

Team Uniforms

Our color is Royal Blue. Teams generally wear polos to rallies. Polos are acceptable attire for rallies, and distribute heat more easily than formal attire. Call Stitch Witch in Fortuna for our custom team clothing. Stitch Witch has the National Pony Club logo and our team logo already in their system for embroidery. for ease of ordering.