Six Rivers


1.    When and where do you meet?

Mounted lessons occur February through November. These are typically scheduled every other Saturday, but we may make accommodations for rally weekends, etc. We meet at a variety of locations, mostly at a private residence in Dows Prairie. During the winter we ride at Lazy L Ranch in Arcata. Unmounted lessons may occur after a mounted lesson, during a sponsor meeting (see Q#7 below), or during winter months. 

2.    What do you do at a meeting?

Mounted lessons consist of group lessons that are divided up by skill level. With our current members, a group lesson may range in size from 2- 4 members. Pony Club also encourages higher rated members to teach unrated members here and there. This provides a great opportunity for fostering peer support and mentorship. Teaching members also get the added benefit of relearning through providing instruction.

3.    Do I have to own a horse? 

No, but you need access to a horse or pony. Depending on your skill level, we may be able to share or find a horse that you may use for lessons. 

4.    What sort of competitions are there?

Club Members may choose to attend regional "rallies" or Pony Club competitions throughout the year. Most rallies have teams of 4 riders and an unmounted stable manager. Rallies usually have the option of making a scratch team, in the instances where clubs have too few or too many members to make a typical team. 

5.    How much does it cost?

Members pay National, Regional, and local dues each year.  National dues are $155 for new members and Regional dues are $75. These are paid at the beginning of each year. Local dues are paid in April and are $100. Mounted lessons are $20 a lesson with a trainer and $10 a lesson taught by a nonprofessional. We hold fundraisers to help offset cost of attending rallies. Members are also given a credit each year of $75 to go towards rally fees. 

6.    How much parent participation is needed?

Pony Club is a volunteer organization. Ideally, parents (or supports) should be present during meetings. All families are encouraged to work together to make our club successful. Volunteer tasks may include attending sponsor meetings, volunteering during our Six Rivers Frolic fundraiser event, arena setup and cleanup, etc. 

7.    What is a sponsor meeting?

A sponsor meeting is a meeting for parents and club managers to plan the calendar of activities, rallies attendance, certification testing, fundraising events, outreach, and anything else that may come up. We typically meet monthly.